Saturday, September 11, 2010


The google-weather Emacs extension allows to run access the Google Weather API from Emacs.

Org Mode : weather forecast in the agenda

Small patch to make it better behaved in terminal mode emacs

        Modified google-weather.el
diff --git a/google-weather.el b/google-weather.el
index 393a3cf..898c91b 100644
--- a/google-weather.el
+++ b/google-weather.el
@@ -162,8 +162,8 @@ See `google-weather-retrieve-data' for the use of EXPIRE-TIME."
(low ,(google-weather-assoc 'low forecast))
(high ,(google-weather-assoc 'high forecast))
- (icon ,(concat google-weather-image-url
- (google-weather-assoc 'icon forecast)))
+ (icon ,(if (window-system) (concat google-weather-image-url
+ (google-weather-assoc 'icon forecast)) ""))
(condition ,(google-weather-assoc 'condition forecast)))))
(loop for entry in (google-weather-data->weather data)
when (eq (car entry) 'forecast_conditions)

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