Wednesday, March 9, 2011

org-googlecl - blogging to through org-mode

Installing a new Asus 1015PEM netbook with Debian Squeeze recently I had to
reinstall the google command line utility, googlecl. My utility org-googlecl to
allow me to blog directly from org-mode entries was broken however.

Google command line utility

Reason? googlecl , somewhat surprisingly, does not automatically create its
~/.local/share/googlecl/ directory. Simply create it yourself and then
org-googlecl works as documented.

Blog directly to from Emacs (org-mode support)

As a side note, using the Liquorix kernel, the Asus works perfectly with
Debian : all the "usual suspects" work - suspend/resume, wireless and audio all
work. Initially post-resume I had to manually remove and re-modprobe the
brcm80211 driver but that now seems to be resolved. On the downside, battery
life is rubbish compared to running Win 7 Start Edition which it came with (dual
boot) but its still acceptable - but when you think I have this litle beauty
running apache2 and mysql it's still a great little portable machine.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Emacs to edit a Chromium textarea

A nice Chromium alternatives to the FF extension "Its all text" is here :-

Why it needs edit-server.el I'm not 100% - I guess it uses something other than
the emacs daemon emacsclient call. But, it works nicely. I added the following
ot my and all seems well. I like the double click in a textarea
method to launch an emacs client windows to edit.

(if (and (daemonp) (locate-library "edit-server"))
(require 'edit-server)

(add-hook 'edit-server-text-mode-hook
(lambda ()(progn()

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