Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ooo! Feedback on org-googlecl

Its always nice to get some feedback.

Subject: Re: org-googlecl : enhancements - replace existing blog entries.
From: Tim Burt <tcburt@rochester.rr DOT MOC>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 05:56:32 -0400

Richard Riley <> writes:

> The org-googlecl package has been extended a little.
> It now detects if you try to blog an entry with the same title as an
> existing one and prompts you to view and/or remove one or more entries
> with the same name. Obviously very useful for just updating an entry (NB
> the url will change unfortunately). There is also a footer option and
> default labels (tags) if none are specified on the org entry you are
> blogging.

Tags as labels for the blog is a welcome feature.

> It's working pretty cleanly now but any feedback appreciated -
> its a pretty handy complement to org-mode if you maintain a
> blogger/blogspot account.

That's an understatement. Publishing from org to blogger is nearly
transparent and takes only seconds to confirm the information
(e.g. title, labels). It is a treat to use org-googlecl. Thank you


> The elisp snippets you will see above were all
> blogged from my dotemacs files which are all in org files using this
> function.
> regards
> r.
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