Friday, May 29, 2009

Java palava

It's great to come back to Java years after being sigularly unimpressed by that ridiculous little Java man applet only to discover that Java is still a complete and utter dogs dinner when it comes to installation. I have installed JDK under Vista 3 times today and still no javac is found. Standard "helpful" types tell me to update my "path". Err, great. Why didnt the installer do that? Why can I not find my way around Windows? Why does it feel like its been desigend to thwart my every move. And more importantly why the hell can't I run the Blackberry JDE plugin for Eclipse under Linux to avoid all this heartache?

SE/JDK/SDK/ME/ etc etc etc

It's one of those "I could cry" moments.

Will ... not ... give ... up ..........

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