Monday, May 11, 2009


It seems that no matter what I try with my Blackberry Storm it doesn't work properly or there are glitches. The most recent issue is trying to use Instamapper. I finally got the gps tracker client installed and working (no mention of needing to turn ON the gps location setting in advanced settings), I got one update to an Instmapper map and then -- nothing. It tells me its transmitting but no updates on the embedded map here:

My experiences to this day have not been good. Applications have too much cross over for a start - google maps, blackberry maps, vodafone go, gpd tracker, etc. What is using the gps? Do they conflict? I dont know. I just know that nothing works as smoothly as it should.

As for the keyboard in porttrait mode. If it switches back to suretype once more without me asking the damn thing's is getting f*cked into the Elbe.

RIM : where the hell are the wireless updates?!?!?!? I'm stuck on poxy .78 firmware and it's total and utter rubbish.

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