Sunday, November 14, 2010

Using xmonad to control Yoono as a scratchpad

Yoono is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to "Social Networking"
monitoring and configuration with instance messaging on the desktop. Especially
since it works well on Linux too.

That said, like a lot of these kind of tools it can be too in your face. Well,
if you use a decent tiling Windows Manager like xmonad all is instantly
solved. Providing you know some Haskell. chuckle

scratchpads = [

-- run htop in xterm, find it by title, use default floating window placement

-- NS "google-chrome" "google-chrome" (className =? "Google-chrome") nonFloating ,
-- NS "browser" "conkeror" (className =? "Conkeror") nonFloating ,
NS "browser" "iceweasel -new-tab" (className =? "Iceweasel") nonFloating ,
NS "evince" "evince" (className =? "evince") nonFloating ,
NS "yoono" "yoono" (name =? "Yoono") defaultFloating ,
NS "surf" "surf" (className =? "surf") nonFloating ,
NS "emacs" "edit -c" (className =? "Emacs") nonFloating,
NS "unison" "unison-gtk" (className =? "unison-gtk") nonFloating ,
NS "htop" "xterm -name htop -e htop" (title =? "htop")
(customFloating $ W.RationalRect (1/3) (1/8) (2/3) (1/2)) ,
NS "newsbeuter" "xterm -e myrss" (title =? "myrss")
(customFloating $ W.RationalRect (1/2) 0 (1/2) (1/4))

] where name = stringProperty "WM_NAME"

and then in my keyboard hook

,((modMask myConfig .|. shiftMask, xK_y),  namedScratchpadAction scratchpads "yoono")

et Voila. Toggle it via a hotkey.

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