Friday, November 12, 2010

Enabling/Disabling events for Social Network sharing.

Enabling sharing example.

The create new/edit dialog now includes the ability to toggle event
sharing. This would typically be used to disable sharing for an item which can
not stand on its own such as a list item - some support text to an item that
includes an embedded object like a gcalendar or twitter feed for example. Or
perhaps simply something you dont want shared! Typically used in conjuntion with
the orderby field which is, currently, the only crude way to order things
(outside of caelendar ordering) in an event list in order to ensure certains
items remain at the top or bottom or follow a previous item. Relative ordering
and grouping is in the pipeline - this will facilitate online menu construction
and perhaps photo album management although I am doubtful that anything I
shoehorn in there can in any shape or form approach the functionality provided
by the plethora of existing solutions for photo management. Its what links are
for …

Event In German

As an added bonus it will now also allow you to share in another language. Just
set the language on the web page before sharing and the link back will ensure
that the article/event is in that language when people click back.

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