Friday, January 23, 2009

Good news for hacker McKinnon

Great news indeed. This was a wonderful example of a big company (US Military and Secret Service and CIA and ...) so up themselves they could not see the wood for the trees. While we all know not to believe everything we read in the press, it seemed reasonably obvious to me that this hacker, Gary McKinnon, was nothing more than interested in probing around for technical and fantasy (UFO sightings) reasons. And they wanted to potentuially incarcerate him in Guantanamo Bay (in cell with big Amjed no doubt), tortue him to find out what he knows and then stick him on a chain gang for 5 of his 9 lifetimes.

My view would be if you can get on via the web then so what? They should have paid the guy 20 Billion Trillion dollars because that is, no doubt, what they will pay Security "experts" to lock down their Windows systems .....

,---- | British hacker Gary McKinnon has won permission from the High Court to | apply for a judicial review against his extradition to the United | States. | | | The 42-year-old from London, who was diagnosed last August as having | Asperger's Syndrome, has admitted hacking into US military computers. `----

Hopefully with the new regime common sense will prevail.

Caveat : I don't support hacking per se. But if you leave your system wide open then people will have a browse around.

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