Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally, an emacs blog client which works.

Thanks to Xah Lee for pointing out the wonderful emacs blogging client "e-blog". It lacks some decent default functionality such as defaulting to selected region and assuming a default destination blog, but overrall it's a joy to use and very, very simple to set up.

Ideally org-mode would support a paginating blog minor mode but I think thats some way off. This would be great because a lot of people are already using org-mode to publish their web sites and project details. A blog facility seems a natural extension of this.


  1. Unfortunately, it falls over posting code sometimes and does not include a suitable style ofr posting source code. I tried using the htmlize library for emacs but that also causes hiccups on blogger posts.

  2. Wee. Thanks for various support.

    as i used more e-bloge, often long raw html silently fails. I also filed report on its google code site.