Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to use g-client from emacs for blogs

Download Source

g-client package

Unarchive, add to your path in emacs, open a terminal, cd to that
directory and run make config

Understanding how to use it

The key is to set your g-user-mail to your googlemail

(setq g-user-email "")

and then you run gblogger-blog to log in and view your
blogs. Then comes the not so tricky bit. Put your cursor over the
"post" link for the blog you are interested (you should be using W3M by the way!) in and then hit "u" in W3m to copy the POST URL to the clipboard. Having done that, simply run gblogger-new-entry and paste in that POST URL. The rest is all down to you and your favorite nxml emacs editor .... And google of course :-;

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